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Sassy The MF Sasquatch

Grab your tinnies and your thongs, it’s time to dive into the most laid-back, stoner-friendly crypto coin around. Say g’day to Sassy the Sasquatch – where the legends are real, the laughs are loud, and the gains are downright cheeky!

Hey, mate! Welcome to the only crypto that’s more laid-back than a koala on holiday. Sassy the Sasquatch is here to shake up the crypto world with a hefty dose of Aussie humor, surreal vibes, and a pinch of stoner wisdom. Forget the suits and ties – this is where legends are made, and mateship is treasured. Whether you’re here for the memes, the dreams, or the screams, you’re in for a ripper time. So, grab a cold one, kick back, and let’s get Sassy!

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About Sassy the Sasquatch

Meet the Legend Behind the Laughter

Who’s Sassy the Sasquatch? Straight from “The Big Lez Show” to the crypto jungle, Sassy is your cheeky, laid-back mate bringing laughs and legends to the crypto world. Inspired by Aussie humor and stoner wisdom, Sassy’s mission is simple: make crypto fun, friendly, and downright hilarious. Welcome to your new favorite crypto hangout. Cheers, mate!

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Why Sassy Coin?

Your Key to Fun, Community, and Rewards


Powered by the people, for the people, ensuring everyone has a say and a stake in Sassy’s success.

Fun and Engaging

This isn’t your typical boring crypto – we keep things lively with cheeky memes and engaging activities, that’s a lot of weed.

Rewards Galore

Earn Sassy coins by joining community events, sharing memes, and more. Fun and gains, all in one!


From the Bush to the Moon – Sassy’s Journey

We’re not just about having a laugh – we’ve got big plans, mate! Here’s where we’re headed:

Phase 1: The Birth of a Legend

Initial token release, working for a tier one exchange, building the strongest community possible, update on DexTools, DEX Screener, Birdeye, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.

Phase 2: The Bush Bash

Share exclusive NFT’S, every day for the 1st 5 days host a voice call, then every 2 days after that.

Phase 3: The Moon Walk

Host a SASSY TOKEN HOLDER GAME COMPETITION, work on new exchange listing, and host our community suggestion day. Where you the community tell us and everyone on call what they would like to see.

Phase 4: The Legend Lives On

Continue growth, engage the community, and ensure Sassy stays legendary.


Sassy says no buy or sales tax, Sassy also says the LP is burned. Now let’s go smoke some weed!

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Game Dev, Graphic Designer, Solana NFT Dev, 3 Co-founders

Sassy NFTs

Collect, Trade, and Own a Piece of the Legend

Get ready to own a piece of Sassy’s world! Our exclusive NFTs are as unique as the Sasquatch himself. From rare artwork to legendary collectibles, there’s something for every mate. Trade them, flaunt them, or just admire them – the choice is yours. Keep an eye out for our upcoming NFT drops and get in on the action early. Remember, in the world of Sassy, the fun never stops, and neither do the opportunities!

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Watch Sassy in Action

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